About Everybuddy's Laundromat

At Everybuddy's Laundromat, we take pride in providing clean, safe, and modern locations for all your laundry needs.

Our locally owned and operated stores have undergone major renovations, ensuring a fresh and pleasant experience. With state-of-the-art equipment and LED lights illuminating each store, we strive to create a bright, safe, and inviting atmosphere. Our friendly and helpful staff puts the customer first, whether you’re utilizing our self-service laundromat or taking advantage of our wash, dry, fold service

Why Choose Us?

Speed and Efficiency

Our self-service laundry boasts high-speed washers and efficient dryers, ensuring that your laundry is completed in no time.

Capacity for Bulky Loads

Our large machines can handle even the bulkiest laundry loads, accommodating your needs no matter the size.


Our self-service laundry is designed to provide you with a quick and convenient laundry experience, saving you valuable time.

Expert Care

With our wash, dry, fold service, you can trust our dedicated team to handle your laundry with care and attention to detail.

More Free Time

By taking advantage of our wash, dry, fold service, you can say goodbye to laundry chores and enjoy more free time for yourself or other activities.

Quality Results

Experience top-notch results. Our advanced equipment and skilled professionals guarantee impeccable cleaning, drying, and folding to exceed your expectations.

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